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Ashley Resin offers one of the largest and most diverse collections of nylon resins and compounds in the industry. It is the foundation of our business. ASHLENE nylons vary from economy grades for less demanding applications to Super Tough nylons that meet the highest industry standards.

NYLONS 6 and 66: Thoroughbred workhorses.

ASHLENE Nylons 6 and 66 are highly durable materials that are commonly used in the automotive industry for important under-the-hood applications, such as injection molded components in engines, transmissions, cooling systems, and emission controls. In addition to automotive use, nylons 6 and 66 are preferred materials in situations where toughness, strength, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, and repeated impacts are necessary. For example, they are used in cams and gears for hardware, plumbing, appliances, and industrial components. The communications and electrical industries also rely on nylons 6 and 66 to ensure reliable service.

TOUGHENED NYLONS: Fending off doomsday.

When it comes to applications that require the highest level of durability whether it be tough sporting equipment or industrial power tool casings nothing performs as well as ASHLENE toughened nylons (Nylon 66 grades 525LD, 526LD, and 527LD; and Nylon 6 grades 735LD and 736LD). These nylons contain various toughening agents, with some grades offering exceptional impact resistance at very low temperatures. Tool cases, casters, safety lens frames, helmets, and bicycle wheels are just a few examples of applications that benefit from the low-temperature qualities of these nylons. It could be said that ASHLENE toughened nylons have a lot of resilience for their weight.

REINFORCED NYLONS: Glass fibers, especially longer fibers, enhance strength and aesthetics, as do mineral fillers.

Glass-reinforced (5 to 50%) ASHLENE nylon 66 resins are popular in the automotive business for such injection molded parts as wheel covers, fan blades, reservoirs, valve covers, high stress springs and gears, thrust washers, etc. Stiffness retention under high heat, exceptional resistance to fatigue, dimensional stability, and innate impact resistance are key factors in their spreading acceptance. These same attributes are leading to wide general use of glass reinforced ASHLENE nylons in construction and appliance markets. Long glass fiber nylons serve a special important purpose. They have very high tensile strength, coupled with a high notched Izod not achievable with short and medium glass fiber reinforced grades. Mineral reinforced ASHLENE nylons, as well as glass mineral reinforced grades, are used for applications requiring very low warpage. The warp resistance, along with a good surface appearance, makes mineral-reinforced ASHLENE nylon 66 a suitable choice for small automotive body panels, as well as for appliance components, hardware handles, and computer spools

SPECIALTY NYLONS: Tailored to users' needs.

Ashley's line of nylons includes a wide variety of specialty grades, such as nylon 612 and 12, amorphous nylons, rotomolding grades, and copolymers.

Nylon 612:

The ASHLENE 980 series is known for its extremely low water absorption, good dimensional stability, and high impact strength. These properties make them ideal for applications that require resistance to hydrolysis or performance in very high humidity, where dimensional stability is crucial. Common applications include molded precision instruments and electrical components like connectors, coil forms, bobbins, battery cases, and underwater pump housings. Extrusion applications include industrial wire and cable jacketing and toothbrush bristles.

Nylon 12:

The 920 series is designed for high-end applications that require top performance. These engineering thermoplastics excel in dimensional stability, physical and electrical properties, extraordinary resistance to low-temperature impact, flexibility, and elastic recovery. Nylon 12 grades with high plasticity, including heat and light-resistant materials, are used in the extrusion market. Common applications range from air-brake lines and flexible tubing to cable sheathing. Injection molding grades are offered with or without reinforcements for precise metal parts. Suggestions for applications include cams, gear trains, and ball joints among others. For more information, please contact us.

ECONOMY NYLONS: Prices have been reduced, but the quality remains high.

Our economy-grade nylons are carefully modified and compounded to meet exacting standards, ensuring they maintain all the important performance properties expected from nylon at a cost savings of 10 to 50% compared to prime materials. Ashley's economy-grade nylons, as well as economy grades of all our other engineering resins, are unique compared to the majority of reprocessed materials available on the market. We take great care to guarantee a continuous and consistent source of feedstock, allowing us to maintain critical properties such as viscosity, tensile strength, and notched Izod. The consistent quality of Ashley's economy nylons sets them apart in the industry and are valued by design engineers. They provide an effective way to achieve enhanced properties while staying within budgetary limits. They also help prevent over-engineering. Typical applications for these resins include components for business machines and vending machines, general office equipment, toys, aerosol packaging, electrical switches, furniture fittings, door and window hardware, hand tools, lawn and garden equipment, boat fittings, textile processing machinery, pumps, valves, meters, filters, gears, cams, sprockets, bearings, gaskets, pulleys, and brushes. There are others, but we believe you understand the trend.


Ashlene™ Prime Ashlene™ Industrial Description
830L 630L General purpose un-reinforced injection molding resin
735   Medium-impact modified for fast, easy molding
830L 13G 630L 13G 13% glass fiber-reinforced with high tensile strenght and stiffness
830L 33G 630L 33G 33% glass fiber-reinforced with high tensile strength, stiffness and impact resistance
730M   40% mineral reinforced, injection molding resin
78MGS   40% glass fiber & mineral reinforced, injection molding resin
837LD 14G   14% glass fiber-reinforced, impact-modified
837LD 33G   33% glass fiber-reinforced, improved toughness, especially in dry or cold environments


Ashlene™ Prime Ashlene™ Industrial Ashlene™ Utility Description
528 520 520U Low viscosity molding nylon 6,6 homopolymer
525 525U Impact-modified with increased flexibility
527 Impact-modified with high impact strength & increased flexibility
528G13 520G13 520UG13 13% glass fiber-reinforced with high tensile strength & stiffness
528633 522633 520UG33 33% glass fiber-reinforced with high tensile strength & stiffness
61M 62M 40% mineral reinforced
67MG 67MGU 40% glass fiber & mineral reinforced
527G13 Impact-modified with high impact strengh & increased flexibility
527G33 33% glass fiber-reinforced, impact-modified with excellent impact strength
If your business requires engineering or commodity grade resins, Ashley Resins is the supplier you need.

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If your business requires engineering or commodity grade resins, Ashley Resins is the supplier you need.

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