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If your business requires engineering or commodity grade resins, Ashley Resins is the supplier you need. Whether you are a large, diverse molder serving multiple markets or a small firm focused on a single type of precision product, Ashley Resins can provide the material you need in the quantities you require, exactly when you need it. Our product line includes a full range of prime and economy engineering and commodity grade resins, as well as custom-modified materials tailored to your specific specifications. Our high-quality standards ensure consistency from batch to batch and order to order, whether you need a general-purpose economy grade resin or a premium grade capable of competing with metals in highly sophisticated applications requiring long-term performance under stress.
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When Ashley Resins was founded over 30 years ago, management’s goal was to provide customer companies with a comprehensive range of engineering and commodity grade resins manufactured to high standards, and sold at competitive prices. There would be no compromises.

This philosophy is reflected in a seven-point checklist aimed at ensuring complete customer satisfaction at all times. The seven points are:

  1. For all ASHLENE® resins and compounds, the highest quality is the only acceptable performance standard. Our fully equipped manufacturing plant, including an updated laboratory and research and development facility, ensures the maintenance of strict standards.
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