Nylon 11, 12, 612
Nylon 11, 12, 612, engineering resins, nylon resins

Quality is more than a tagline at Ashley Polymers.

Our commitment to quality guarantees batch to batch and order to order consistency - on critical color matches, you can rely on us supplying color chips before shipping each resin lot.

All resins are certified for Physical, Thermal and Mechanical properties with an A2LA certified lab so that you can have the confidence of getting what you expect.

Our experienced production team provides resins with premium properties.

Even when you're not sure which resin is right, our trained, experienced product design and development team is there to help you find the best material to fit your needs. We can tweak our custom formulations to make sure you get the properties you need.

Our unparalleled turnaround time is another key to our quality performance. We stock basic resin grades for fast delivery, with seven U.S. distribution sites helping to ensure JIT delivery.

When quality and performance count, you can count on Ashley Polymers.


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