Nylon 11, 12, 612
Nylon 11, 12, 612, engineering resins, nylon resins

Our complete line of engineering resins includes the materials you need to get the job done:

Polycarbonates - In UV, release, precolored, and flame retardant versions in grades from prime to economy, for extrusion and injection molding. Can be formulated to meet FDA, UL and other guidelines.

Polyphenylene Ethers - Receptive to modifications, even the tricky ones we've devised to help our customers overcome their toughest problems.

PBT and PET Polyester - Offered in general purpose, glass filled and flame retardant grades to succeed in the electronic, automotive and other consumer and industrial markets.

Acetals - Providing improved melt stability, higher notched Izods and a unique balance of qualities in both homopolymers and copolymers.

Whatever your application, our PPEs, PBT and PET polyester, acetals and polycarbonates
provide the performance you demand.

Want more information? Please review our online engineered resins product guide.

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