Nylon 11, 12, 612
Nylon 11, 12, 612, engineering resins, nylon resins

Because of our widespread, but close-knit, web of representatives and distributors, Ashley is well-positioned to provide the nylons and engineered resins you need around the globe.

Our commitment to providing the right engineered resins and nylon means we're responsive to your needs. We're able to offer competitive prices, allowing even small processors to enjoy the advantages of using Ashley nylon and resins.

We have the sources and resources to get you the resin -- including nylon 612, nylon 11 and nylon 12 -- that you want when you want it.

We're also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese to provide even better service for our clients in Central and South America. Estamos a su disposicion para ayudarles con sus requisitos de resina!

Contact us today to find an Ashley representative in your part of the world.

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