Nylon 612, 11, 12
Nylon 11, 12, 612, engineering resins, nylon resins

We offer a full range of nylons - including 612, 11 and 12 -- to best enhance the properties you need in your products.

Ashlene nylons 6 and 66 - Used in critical auto applications and in hardware, plumbing, appliance and industrial components, providing toughness and strength.

Toughened nylons - In nylon 6 and nylon 66 grades, offer the utmost in durability for industrial power-tool housings, safety lens frames or bicycle wheels, just for starters.

Reinforced nylons - Whether glass reinforced for stiffness retention or mineral reinforced for very low warpage applications, for automotive, construction, appliance, and computer components.

Specialty nylons - Include nylon 612, for molded precision instruments, and nylon 12, offering high-end performance, as well as rotomolding grades and copolymers.

Economy nylons - Carefully compounded to retain critical performance properties at substantial cost savings.

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